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Amazing location

Unlike most of the hotels in Santa Elena, we are located just outside of the town. This will guarantee you a good night sleep before you visit our beautiful Monteverde national park. But we are still only 5 minutes walk away from the biggest supermarket.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve of the Tropical Science Center is the first private area for the conservation of wildlife founded in Costa Rica in October of 1972.

Monteverde houses 2.5% of worldwide biodiversity. 10% of its flora is endemic. 50% of flora and fauna of Costa Rica is found in this area.

You may also enjoy...

Considered to be the second most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica, the Monteverde area is one of the most naturally breathtaking places in the country.

Encompassing not just the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, this area also includes two tiny settlements of the same name; namely Monteverde and Santa Elena.

Many local operators offer high-quality tours in the area.


El Trapiche Tour

A Natural Experience of Sugar, Coffee and Cocoa.

Enjoy the entire coffee process, the traditional cocoa process and sugar cane process, ride a Costarican ox cart and experience the process of making liquor out of the sugar cane.

You can also do your own candy, to finish delight yourself with a fragrant cup of coffee from our farm and a tradicional dish of picadillo de arracache.


El Bosque Night Tour

Experience the forest at night. With a guide and a flashlight, exploring the forest at night can be an incredibly interesting experience, spotting and learning about the flora, and animals and insects that move around when the sun goes down. You might spot a lovely agouti, as well as howler monkeys and birds sleeping in trees. You may also find a bunch of the coolest insects like walking sticks, tarantulas and leafcutter ants.

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Check out our rooms and don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Please note we also cater for groups!